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In ancient Persia, Zahhak was a powerful but cruel ruler who made a deal with an evil spirit. As a result, two serpents grew on his shoulders, and they demanded human brains to be fed. Zahhak obeyed and started executing people. The land suffered, and the people prayed for a savior.

Their prayers were answered by Kaveh, a blacksmith. Filled with anger and a desire for justice, Kaveh led a rebellion against Zahhak. The people joined him, fighting bravely to free their land from tyranny.

After a fierce battle, Kaveh and his rebels emerged victorious, overthrowing Zahhak. The serpents were defeated, and the people could finally live in peace. Kaveh became a legendary figure, admired for his courage and as a symbol of hope.
It was such a great experience to create a character inspired by one of my childhood stories. I used Zbrush, substance painter, marvelous designer and Maya to bring it to life.

January 4, 2024